Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

A Conversation Between the Generations

What the older generations did YESTERDAY
means that we must all fix things TODAY
so that the younger generations have a TOMORROW. 

Experience the magic of the Poem - Yesterday
by Yorkshire-based poet David Powley.

See an exhibition of work by local artists. Each piece tells a unique story
and evokes emotions in its viewers.

Participate in the discussion with local environmental experts
and practical professionals.

Make a personal commitment to help reverse the causes of the climate crisis.

Visit us today and immerse yourself in the world of environmental art.

Multicolored Abstract Painting

What can we do together?

Featured Paintings

Woman Standing in Front of Man's Painting

Let’s face it, the world is warming at an unprecedented rate. You may remember balmy summer days and a smattering of snow at Christmas.  This has changed in the last few years to extreme summer temperatures and mild but stormy winters.  Over geological time the climate has always changed, whether due to massive volcanoes, large meteors hitting the earth, the ice ages, or variations in the activity of the sun. These are all natural events but due to the impact of humans on our planet, we are causing a rapid rise in global temperatures to the extent that we keep breaking records every year.  The majority of scientists agree that these temperature rises are directly caused by the burning of fossil fuels causing a “greenhouse effect” in our atmosphere.  Not only is the planet getting hotter but it is also becoming more polluted – just look at the sewage and phosphates in our rivers, lakes and beaches, and see how much plastic is ending up in the food chain.  If we want those born in the 21st century to enjoy the same lifestyle as those born in the 20th century then we must all act now to stop any further damage to our precious planet.

The paintings at the exhibition “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” are truly mesmerizing. Each stroke of the brush captures the essence of emotions. I am in awe of the talent showcased here.


The timing is so apt for such a varied and thought provoking range of activities that challenge our individual as well as societal responsibility for the future of our planet.


Yesterday    Today    Tomorrow