by students at the Hereford College of Arts

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The 100 students from the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Course at Hereford College of Arts created short films as part of their project work to visually explore David’s emotional soliloquy, which acts as an apology on behalf of the previous generation who have exploited the planet and failed to recognise the consequences of doing so. 

"This is a very emotive piece that captured our groups frustration with the apathetic attitude towards the climate’s progressive destruction, and the privilege of living in a country where we can ignore the negative repercussions of a systemic problem. It was a very rewarding experience to be part of this project; we have been able to use new techniques through experimental filmography and post production that I feel were highly effective."
Phil Treadwell Middle, Abbey Pickess, Kathy Rivett and John Nelson – UAL Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students

First Exhibition

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The film at this exhibition by these student artists is truly remarkable. Their work is a testament to their talent, passion, and dedication. I am in awe of their creativity and the emotions their film evokes. Highly recommended!


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