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Exhibition of paintings and installations

Man Standing Beside White Painted Wall

Each work of art tells a unique story and invites you to explore the depths of artistic expression.

Welcome to the Art Gallery, where we showcase a diverse collection of paintings from various artists. Our exhibition explores the beauty and emotions expressed through brush strokes and colours. Each painting tells a unique story and invites you to explore the impact of humans on the planet.

Interior of palace hall with columns and stucco work

Circle Check

Circle Check

Circle Check

One world

One crisis

One chance

Our visitors say this about us.

The exhibition of paintings is a haven for art enthusiasts. It left me mesmerised with its captivating artwork. The wonderful poem by David Powley complemented the art work.  Truly a remarkable experience.


Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre


Please visit our exhibition being held at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.  It is located in the stunning Shropshire Hills, on the side of the A49 in Craven Arms, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

2 May 2024 to 31 May 2024

10am - 5pm