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The exhibition is a showcase to explore the issues around climate change and pollution, to stimulate conversations across the generations.  A poem, Yesterday, written by Yorkshire-based poet David Powley, was the inspiration for this exhibition.  Jane Harding, a Ludlow-based artist, has created and developed the concept.  The exhibition brings together works of art, film, creativity and conversations to explore what needs to be done today so that the younger generations have a future.  Each work of art tells a unique story and invites you to explore the depths of artistic expression.


by David Powley

Yesterday, today

was still tomorrow.

How could we tell

that the new day

would bring such sorrow?

When all promises fade

and ill-judged debts

must be paid

before the final bell?

Time has a way

of warping overnight,

snuffing out the light

for those who borrow

and never pay

for what they sell.

For our children’s sake

let us not sleep

through the guilt,

but with them break

habit’s toxic hold,

so then the story may

tomorrow be told,

of how we built

a new today


A recording of Yesterday read by children of the next generation who will inherit our legacy.

The exhibition is a true celebration of art inspired by David’s thought-provoking poem. The paintings are not just visually stunning, but they also evoke deep emotions and leave a lasting impression. It's a must-visit for anyone who appreciates the power of art.


This all looks fantastic, very interesting and motivating.

Well done and good luck.

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We invite you to visit our exhibition, be inspired by the works of art and to think about your impact on the environment.  We aim to stimulate discussion and for you to leave having made a promise to yourself to do something differently that is better for the planet.  The aim of the exhibition is to be a catalyst for change.  

Special thanks to:

We acknowledge and give thanks for the special contributions to this exhibition from all of the the artists in Abstract Edge, the facilities and space provided by the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, the thought-provoking film created and produced by the students of Hereford College of Arts, generous sponsorship from The Millichope Foundation, and of course the poet that inspired all of the work – David Powley.


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